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Currency has evolved through several phases from Barter to Cryptocurrency as detailed below. Cryptocurrency is a Digital currency which will eventually be the future form of money:
  1. Barter (Trading of Goods & Services directly without any "Medium of Exchange")
  2. Primitive Money (Pre-Coinage and Coinage)
    • Cowry Shells, Wampum Belts, Cattle, Whale's  teeth, Grain, Tobacco, Rai Stone etc
    • Physical Metal Coinage - 700 BC in Greece, 200 BC in China
    • Receipts for Metal Coinage - 900 AD in China, 1600 AD in Europe
  3. Commodity Money (Notes Redeemable in Metal - 1200 AD in China, 1700 AD Europe)
  4. Fiat Money (Notes not Redeemable in Metal - 1800 in West, post 1973 Globally) 
  5. Cryptocurrency (In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto launched 1st Digitally encrypted money called Bitcoin using Blockchain Technology)​. Eventually, all currencies will be replaced with Cryptocurrencies



WHY DasCoin?
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  • DasCoin is the New Era CryptoCurrency represented in over 125 Countries and established as the Currency of TRUST
  • DasCoin is building the World's most secured Digital Currency offering features which no other crypto currency have including Bitcoin. Unlike other CryptoCurrencies:
    • DasCoin is regulated as it is Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant
    • DasCoin will soon be the mainstream currency with Instant Payment Solution (DasPay) to buy any Product or Service across the Globe
    • DasCoin transactions are highly secured. BUY/SELL transactions cannot be performed without a Hardware Wallet i.e. Validator
    • DasCoin Graphene based blockcain with 3 second block interval is one of the fastest blockchain in the World. DasCoin transactions are finalised in only 1.5 seconds on average while Bitcoin takes 10 minutes. DasCoin transactions are irreversible once finalised/confirmed
    • DasCoin Licence earns Cycles which can be used either to mint DasCoins and/or buy DasNet Services i.e.
      • Smart Contract Capabilities (Paperless Digital Contract) i.e.
        • Das33 (TAO-Token Asset Offering for ICOs similar to ERC20)
        • DVC (Deep Vault Contracts similar to long term Fixed Deposits offered by Banks)...
      • Data Services
      • Block Chain as a Service (BaaS) and
      • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • ​DasCoin is not just a currency but a Digital Assets System. DasCoin is the World's first Hybrid Blockchain and offers the best of both Decentralised and Centralised currencies


FREE TO REGISTER, JOIN NOW​ and get Free CRM Marketing Tools (Promo Code: TheXYZt1)


E arn Multiple Streams of Income and Career Bonus with DasCoin Licence

Free Smart CRM Tools with Sales Funnel, Email & Mobile autoresponder etc

  1. ​​​DasCoin Customers can earn Capital Gains and also can avail DasPay and a number of DasNet Services 
  2. DasCoin NetLeaders licences comes with free Smart CRM Tools i.e. Sales Funnel, Email/Mobile autoresponders etc. You can use these tools  to manage your campaigns and promote your businesses or sell then at retail value
  3. DasCoin Advocates (Affiliate Marketers) additionally can earn the following Compensation Plan and Career Bonuses on weekly basis
    1. NetLeaders Compensation Plan comprising the following THREE (3) Streams of Residual Income (Refer to NetLeaders Compensation Plan below):
      • ​​Direct Referral Bonus: 8% of Licence value sold
      • Binary Network Bonus: 8% of the Weaker Leg of Binary Tree
      • Binary Matching Bonus: 10-20% of "Binary Network Bonus" earned by your team in your organisation upto 5 Levels
    2. NetLeaders Career Bonus comprising following NINE (9) levels of Career Rank:
      • ​​Bronze
      • Silver
      • Gold
      • Sapphire
      • Emerald
      • Diamond
      • Blue Diamond
      • Black Diamond
      • Crown Diamond


Free Smart CRM Tools with Sales Funnel, Email & Mobile autoresponder etc

  1. Choose from 6 DasCoin NetLeaders License Packages:
    1. Standard                  100 Euros
    2. Manager                  500 Euros
    3. Pro                         2,000 Euros
    4. Executive              5,000 Euros
    5. Vice-President    12,500 Euros
    6. President            25,000 Euros
  2. With DasCoin Licences you will earn Cycles which can be used either to mint DasCoins or Buy DasNet Network Services
  3. DasCoin Customers can earn Capital Gains and also avail DasPay and DasNet Services
  4. NetWork Marketers should buy an additional Advocate License which allows them to build the team and earn  Multiple Streams of Residual Income and Special Career Bonus
  5. Buy DasCoin NetLeaders Livenses using the following Payment Options: 
    1. Digital Wallet Digital Wallet is provided by Berkeley Payment Solutions to a variety of global partners
    2. Bitcoin: The most popular Digtal Currency
    3. Payeer An online wallet supported in 200+ countries around the world
    4. Gift Code: Contact NetLeader member who can generate a Gift Code for you if they have account Credit  

FREE TO REGISTER, JOIN NOW and get Free CRM Marketing Tools (Promo Code: TheXYZt1)

DasCoin - External Exchanges
  2. EUBX

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